Choosing the different types of wood floor finish that will give you the perfect results you want can take a long time if you don’t know the differences of this finishes. You’ll have to have what the results would look like and what they are best for. If you are looking for a service provider for floor refinishing Plymouth click on the link to check the services available. So, in this article let’s tackle on the most common of wood floor finish in the market.  

Hardwood Floor Finish


Water based finish has a mild odor and the time of drying is a lot quicker compared to oil finishes. It doesn’t turn yellow like the oil based finish but will require more coatings compared to the former. It is in the pricey side and it will require several coatings and painting on your floor.   


Oil Based finish have a high volatile organic compound (VOC) which means that it has an overpowering odor when applied. It is more durable though and is more commonly used in commercial buildings and sports centers. It will take longer to dry too between coatings like maybe 8-10 hours so make sure that you’re not running out of time for your project if you choose this finish. Oil based finish turns yellowish or amber as the years pass by. For more information check out Freeslotscentral no deposit free spins  


From the name itself this type of finish will penetrate the wood and fills it in creating a durable seal. Just like the oil based finish it turns into the color of amber as it ages but this one takes an even longer time to dry like a day to a couple of days. This type of finish is recommended for the our bankruptcy attorney san diego of your ancestral house. It has a mild odor and also a low volatile organic compound.   


Shellac has a very low VOC content and is also not toxic, it dries very quickly and does not require buffing between coats. Shellacs are not compatible to most modern finish meaning adhesion is not that great between the shellac and the other finish however, shellac is mostly partnered with the wax as shellac as the foundation and topped off with the wax. Shellac isn’t easy to apply and isn’t as durable compared to the polyurethane finish. It can be easily damaged by water and alcohol.   

# 5 WAX   

Wax is vulnerable towards water but it adds an extra durability to the hardwood as it seeps into its pores. This type of finish is common before the polyurethane or modern finishes were created. It has a low volatile organic compound and usually turns the wood dark it doesn’t have a high luster appearance 

and will need regular maintenance  


Is a kind of floor finish that you can dry almost immediately with the UV curing technology. It is a finish that is not easily scratched or scuffed by mechanical or chemicals. It is perfect if you are in a tight time and needs a quick work time. So it is perfect for commercial establishments that needs to be finished in a tight schedule like a restaurant.